Chris Williams


"Spring Light"



"Sparks Fly"



"Sunset Landing"



     I was exposed to art by my mother, an avid crafter, who saved grocery money to buy oil paintings from local artists.  In addition to making my own art, it started a pattern of my buying wildlife art from local artists, and has continued on to my son buying local sea art for his walls. I cannot imagine living in a house without art bringing the outside in, soothing and inspiring me.

     I took art and architecture in High School and College until I focused on finishing my biology degree. I wrote Environmental Impact Reports for a harbor until I moved back to Ventura County with my husband. Both of us were avid SCUBA divers and I was always fascinated with light and life underwater, a future painting subject.

      After a nursing degree and raising children, I returned to art through classes at Ventura College. I was introduced to pastels by Lori Corradi and have the pleasure of weekly work with Bert Collins and Jannene Behl.  Pastels give me freedom to paint with glorious colors, and to experiment with different papers and techniques as I try to interpret what I see in nature. I have taken workshops with Richard McKinley, Bill Cone, Terri Ford, and Albert Handel.

     Painting brings me joy, especially painting outside in the fresh air, hearing the birds and surf. If I cannot paint, I take a lot of reference pictures to paint from in-studio.  I hope you feel some of the joy I had painting these pictures.


Additional memberships:

Pastel Society of Ventura Co

Santa Barbara Art Association

S.C.A.P.E.  (Southern California Artist Painting for the Environment)

Pastel Society of the West Coast


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