Deni Weeks


"Getty Flowers"




"French Waterfront"




"Hawaiian Surf"


Deni Weeks was raised in San Antonio, Texas up until the age of 17, when she moved with a younger sister to California. She wasn't exposed to a lot of art as a child but became fascinated with all things creative as she matured. While she did some oil painting, and took short term courses in mosaics and pastel painting as an adult, she never thought of herself as an artist until she learned how to draw and paint, after her two children left home from college.


In 2010, after retiring from a career as a probation officer, Deni decided she wanted more formal art training and took several college courses in drawing, painting and color theory.  During this time, she used various mediums including pencil, pen and ink, acrylic paints and collage.  More recently, she has fallen in love with soft pastels and uses this medium to paint landscapes, seascapes and animals. She continues to study with two accomplished pastel artists, Jannene Behl and Alberta Collins in Ojai.


Deni is particularly drawn to the play between light and shadows when creating her compositions and strives to convey the emotions triggered by what she sees. She notes that painting is like meditation for her as it helps her stay focused and in the moment.  While she does on occasion, paint more tonally, she is at least for now, a colorist.  She likes exploring different styles and has been influenced by both impressionistic and contemporary artists.


DENI is an active member of the Westlake Village Art Guild, the Ventura County Pastel Association and the Pastel Society of the Gold Coast.  She has also shown her work through the Santa Paula Art Society and the Ventura County Arts Council.


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