Erna Braun


"Sunset - Ventura"



"Golden Hills"



"California Sunshine"


I was born in Hungary, and lived and attended school in Europe and Canada. I found a passion for art when I took drawing classes in high school, and participated in several contests.


My interest in flowers and nature led me to study floral art and design. I was an active real estate agent for 25+ years, while still growing my love for art. I found an interest in photography and studied painting under award winning artist, E.K. Kaptein. From 1994 – 1998, I explored abstract art in mixed media. I continued cultivating my artistic abilities while attending visual art courses in still life and landscapes, under the guidance of famed artistic teachers.


I enjoy spending time at the ocean, as well as music, the arts, and traveling. I’m always on the lookout for interesting subjects to paint. Art has always been my passion, and finally I can devote more time to it.


Holding art exhibits is very satisfying to me, as I enjoy working with the public, being a part of The Pastel Society of the Gold Coast, and being in the artistic community.


Please visit my website: to further enjoy my work.









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