Judy Forman


"Along the River Cam"



"Street Scene Florence"



"Sun Valley Morning"



    Judy is a late comer to the world of art, and even more recently, pastel. Until recently, she would have described herself as a writer, albeit with a lifelong love of art.


    It was the latter that encouraged her to prompt her high school English/literature students to use art in their writing projects. She drew along with them. “My students were my first critics,” she says.


    Watercolor was her method of choice until she became a student of Judy Koenig’s. Having had a run of failures in watercolor, she turned to pastel. “You’re not a watercolorist,” Judy told her. “You’re a pastelist.” The rest is history.


    Judy loves the tactile quality of the sticks, the way color instantly takes form on the paper, and especially the forgiving way that mistakes in pastel can lead to finished work that goes beyond the original. “Sometimes the piece takes on a life of its own and becomes something I could not have envisioned when I began. Pastel does that to me.”


    She enjoys painting an eclectic group of subjects, the inspirations for which are taken from her photographs. In particular she loves interesting doors and the way that, even closed, they suggest a mystery that leads the viewer to be part of the story. “Like someone crooking a finger at you to lure you closer to them.”


    In addition to studying with Judy Koenig, she also works with Bert Collins, and has taken workshops with Sally Strand. 








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