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    Kale has been painting since 1977 where she started out by minoring in Art at California State University Dominguez Hills.  She continues to come back to art as healing for her soul because it brings her joy and satisfies her creative needs for beauty.  She was inspired to paint in pastel because as a child her Grandmother's pastel portrait hung in her family home.  This skillfully rendered Victorian portrait was painted in 1897 when her Grandmother was 17.


    Before Kale retired she made a living as a sign painter in Ojai.  She learned a great deal about layout and design and it has served her well as an artist.  Kale paints landscapes, portraits and still life in both oil and pastel.  She likes painting in bright colors to give her paintings vitality.  She considers light, value and layout to be the most important aspects to good painting.  She has studied with renowned artist Bert Collins for 20 years.



Ventura County Pastel Artist

Ojai Art Center

Ojai Valley Green Coalition





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