Karen Nicolaij Glancy


"White Oak"



"Shane's Roses"



"Return to Mother Earth"








Karen was born in North Dakota, and yes, she did get to play in the little sod house on the prarie. In fact, it was built by her great, great grandfather after he homesteaded there. It was while playing there that she developed her love of nature, clear blue skies, and wide open spaces.


Karen was born with the need to create, and began exploring the world of art at an early age. She has worked in oils, water color, china painting, ceramics, and pastel.


Her interest in pastel began immediately after viewing an original pastel work by Edgar Degas. The color, light, and depth of the pastel painting were unlike anything she had seen in a painting before.


Although mostly self taught, Karen has studied at the Westlake Art Institute, and is now studying pastel with the City of Ojai's "Living Treasure Artist," Bert Collins. She has also taken workshops with Albert Handell and Terry Ford.


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