Lori Corradi





"Peaceful Garden"






“As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings
that speak to me and to others about the beauty
that exists in nature.

  I hope to convey a sense of peace and tranquility
to the viewer to soothe and nourish their soul."


“Part of my technique is to create loose under-paintings

 for my pastel paintings with many different mediums.

  I  find the under-painting creates more vibrancy

in the finished painting.”...Lori Corradi




Artist and Art Teacher


    Lori discovered pastels while attending the I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival in Santa Barbara in 2001.  She started her quest to learn everything she could about the fine art medium of pastels.


Lori had been largely self-taught until this point, spending her childhood years drawing, painting and creating textile art.  Lori started taking pastel classes and reading about pastel.  She met the highly esteemed Ojai Pastelist, Bert Collins, at a local art show.  Lori was inspired by Bert’s pastel paintings and has studied with Bert for over a decade. 


Lori expanded her training to include oil paints, and has studied with many other highly esteemed Artists;  David Gallup, Terri Ford, Lynn Gertenbach, Richard McKinley and Kim Lordier, to name a few.  


    Lori is passionate about nature and the effects of natural light on the landscape.  She paints "en plein air" (French for “outdoors”) to capture the convincing effects of true natural light and convey a sense of atmosphere and mood in her paintings.   Lori’s art is inspired by the works of the early California and French Impressionists.  She hopes that her paintings inspire people to care and protect nature and the environment.


    Lori is a Signature Member of Pastel Society of the Gold Coast,

a non-profit organization, and has served as Vice President, Show Chairperson and Marketing Director.  She is also a member of the Ventura County Pastel Artists and has served as President, Show Chairperson , Plein Air and Workshop Coordinator and Marketing Director.  Lori  has been selected as the demonstration artist for various art shows, including the Beverly Hills Art Show, and has won multiple awards for her paintings.


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