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    Born in Brooklyn New York, Nelda brought her parents to California at the age of 4.  As a child, Nelda loved drawing and coloring books.  Blue hair and added backgrounds were a sign of “outside the box”.


    Life got in the way from High School until retirement which finally gave Nelda the time needed to pursue her love of art.  It began with silversmithing, then to drawing, which lead to acrylics and on to watercolor, finally ending with Pastels.  “It’s my favorite because it’s easy to get up and leave without cleaning up as is necessary with wet media. 


  With no formal training except for a drawing class at Ventura College, Nelda has participated in workshops with, Bert Collins, Richard McKinley, Albert Handell, Glenna Hartman and Kim Lordier. 


    Nelda is not much of an outdoor person and didn’t take immediately to plein air painting.  In spite of the wind, bugs, heat, cold and schlepping art supplies over rough terrain, she feels it’s an important part in the education of landscape painting.  “There is no photograph that can truly capture the colors and feeling of raw nature”. 


    Nelda has won many awards both as an amateur and professional.  She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of the Gold Coast and a member of the Camarillo Art Center.


  “It’s my pleasure to paint what nature has given us to enjoy.  Too many of us are too busy to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.”

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